Tier 2 (Div 3-8) Rule Changes


The following rule changes will be in place next season following tonights Tier 2 Captain’s Meeting:

1. Win / Lose cricket was voted IN.

2. New bowling limit of 13 overs per bowler.

3. New start times of 12:30 (September start times TBC).

4. Points as per Tier 3 (essentially 20 points for a win, 5 bonus points for bowling and 5 bonus points for batting).

5. Points for rain-affected matches still TBC, with some talk of Duckworth-Lewis being used.

6. Still 50 overs per side.

7. No points deductions for admin errors or late submission of results / pitch reports. Financial penalties only.

There was some real controversy and heated debate during the meeting, so expect to see appeals against some of the above. But as it stands, they are the changes voted for this evening.

Also, Great Oakley (yes, Great Oakley) complained about the amount of criticism and abuse received by umpires and asked for harsher punishments. Priceless.

And as an aside, it looks like Tier 1 may be having the first quarter of their season as win/lose/draw, the middle half as win/lose, and the final quarter as win/lose/draw! Just to keep things simple! 😮