2nd XI Beat Weldon in Div 9 League Title Decider


Congratulations to Rob Pardon and his team for an outstanding season and clinching the title with a nail-biter against runners-up Weldon by 11 runs.

The blend of youth and experience has worked remarkably well throughout the season, the best possible reward for the Clubs commitment to youth cricket.

It’s fantastic to see the team promoted as champions. Thanks to Raphe Young for the following review…

There were many crucial moments in this match that won us the game. First of all the 18 runs at the end of the 1st innings, scored by Steve Hopkins were extremely crucial as we only won by 11 runs. In the 2nd innings Joshua Bastin’s clean bowled wicket sent the opening batsman back to the changing room on the second ball of the first over.

The pressure then started to build on Weldon as 2 batsmen had fallen in the first over. Next in the third over Oakley Young fielding at mid on managed to pick up the ball fiercely and throw it at the stumps sending the bales flying for a run out.

Jordan Smith continued to bowl tightly at the opposing end, keeping their runs down nicely. Before Josh came off he bowled a ball that was very tight yet missed Connor the wicket keepers gloves. Connor Robson acting on this, sprinted for the ball that was racing away to the boundary for 4, fortunately with insane pace he stopped it and threw it in to Rich Marshal stopping the 4.

Then the skipper Rob Pardon came on to bowl. He bowled extremely well, claiming 4 wickets and 4 maidens out of the 10 overs. One of his wickets was from a catch by Ross Cambray fielding at deep extra cover he caught the ball with some venom.These 4 wickets must have felt soul crushing for the Weldon team as they were 7 wickets down.

I then came on to bowl during the Skips spell. I bowled very tightly yet couldn’t seem to pick up a wicket. A big South African player came into bat and he was starting to hit the ball around the park, I bowled at him for couple of overs but he was having none of it. He kept on hitting the ball around and the next thing we knew they were closing in on our score. Someone from the 80 odd strong Weldon supporters shouted, “The bowler is getting tired”. So I turned around and gave them a sharp look. Building the pressure off and on the pitch. Luckily 2 balls later the South African player swung across the line and missed but I hit! Top of middle and off stump, sending the bales to Wales. Due to Rich Marshal’s very helpful and uplifting encouragement I got that wicket. (Thank you Marshy!).

After my spell of 6, Rhys Hopkins came on to bowl. In his second over he bowled a no ball which was hit sky high into Oakley Young’s mits but as you probably know it wasn’t out due to the no ball, so near yet so far. However the next ball ended up being a full toss that was again was sent high into the air only to find itself in Oakley’s hands yet again. That was it! We had done it. Heyford 2nd XI had won the league and beaten Weldon with 11 runs to spare!

Thank you to everyone who played and came to support. I have much enjoyed waking up every Saturday and coming to play with you guys. Thank you and well done to us all!

By Raphael Young


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