Fantasy Cricket Rules & Ratings


Pick a team of Heyford cricketers that will earn you the most points throughout the 2018 season. Teams must be selected and given to Tom Akrigg prior to the first fixture of the season (April 21st) via phone, text, e-mail, facebook or in person. My number is 07894420301, and e-mail is The cost is £5 per team entered, with a winner's prize of £50.

Team Selection

Choose 6 players with a total value not exceeding 45. There will be a mid-season Transfer Window which will open on Sunday 8th July and will close on Friday 13th July. During this time you can make a maximum of TWO changes to your team. Your changes must be communicated to me during this window and your team must still have six players and not exceed a total value of 45. Players added to your team will only earn you points from 14th July onwards, with no retroactive points.

The points scoring is listed below, the differences being that bowlers no longer lose points for being hit for 6, only the person attributed with the run out will receive points (as opposed to the wicket keeper/fielder that assists as well) and that all caught and dropped catches will gain and lose the same amount of points regardless of how difficult they were (unbelievable tekkers are still up for grabs for Collingwood/Stokes esque grabs!).

Scoring points

Batting Fielding Bowling Extras
1 run 1 point Catch 10 points Wicket 12 points Appearance bonus 2 points for playing in a game
Half-century 20 bonus points (so 51 runs = 51+20=71) 3+ dismissals 15 bonus points
5-wicket haul 25 bonus points (so 6 wickets = 72+25=97) Win bonus 10 points for playing in a winning game
Century 50 bonus points (not cumulative with bonus points from half-century - so 101 runs = 101+50=151) 5+ dismissals 30 bonus points (not cumulative with 3+ dismissals)
Maiden over 6 points Bad boy penalty -10 points for any overt examples of bad discipline or bringing the game into disrepute!!
Hitting a six 6 bonus points Dropped Catch -8 points
Jug avoidance (4 wickets) -5 point Unbelievable tekkers 10 points for the best moment by an individual player during the game
Out for a duck -10 points Stumping 10 points Hopkins Hat-trick 50 bonus points 2nd team player playing for the 1sts Double points
Jug avoidance
-5 points (being dismissed between 45-49 or 90-99) Run-out 10 points
Not out
10 points (having faced at least one ball)

Heyford CC Fantasy Cricket 2018 - Player Ratings and Profiles

Player Points Bio
Martyn Cory 10 A staggering innings of 148 off 66 balls last year was arguably the highlight of the season for Heyford. Capable of huge scores and will be expecting to chip in with more wickets in 2018...
Jimmy Edwards 10 El capitano was the highest indivudal points scorer last year after his heroics in the last game of the season. Worth a load more points, if his back holds out...
James Baldwin 10 An up and down season left Balders the 3rd highest points scorer in 2017. Balders is a big hitter and a wicket taker, so justifies his value of 10.
Jacob Gilder 10 Pipped to the title last season having missed the first few games swanning off with the Saffers. Should push Jimmy all the way, and has assured everyone that his move to London won't impact on his availability.
Simon Legge 9 Leggie had a fantastic 2017 scoring shed tonnes of runs in often difficult circumstances, including a tremendous hundred against Horton while batting with an injury. Sure to score heavily again...
Rory Smallbone 9 Rory didn't even hint at a difficult 2nd season, finishing top of the runs for the 1st XI once again in 2017. He can even catch these days.
Rob Pardon 9 The new 2nd XI captain will be looking to lead from the front with his magic box of bowling tricks and corridor cricket skills to be admired. Will also be hoping to get a few runs on the board with the bat.
Matt Baker 9 The chairman is always a solid bet for runs and some stunning catches and stumpings.
Jordan Smith 9 A solid 2nd XI bowler with the knack of picking up a shed tonne of wickets over the season. Was the leading wicket taker in the T20 competition in 2017.
Will Cooper-Harris 8 Another fantastic season opening the bowling in the 1st XI, and starting to show real potential with the bat too.
Tom Robson 8 Another fantastic batsman that scored his maiden century in senior cricket last season, good for loads of runs in the 1st or 2nd XI.
Shaun Boyson 8 Bad-boy Boyson played most of his games in the 1st XI in 2017, but will no doubt be keen for the occassional run out with close pal Rob in the 2s as well this year. Always a threat with the ball and will contribute valuable runs.
Rhys Hopkins 8 The 2nd XI vice captain had a tremendous 2017 taking a bagful of wickets and racking up his first 50 with the bat. Rhys provides valuable wickets and has left more than a few batsmen in a spin.
Josh Bastin 8 A coming of age season in 2017 saw Josh hit his maiden half century for the Hammers and was the 2nd XI Batsmen of the Year. Will be a key part of the 2nd XI title challenge in 2018.
Connor Robson 8 Captain of Heyford's U15 County Champions. A great 2nd XI all-rounder who can keep wicket, bat and bowl and will be pushing for the 1st XI in the near future. Will be looking to finish with more points than brother Tom after being edged out last season.
Nick Pont 8 After committing to a season of cricket with Heyford in 2017 with much fanfare, appearances were limited after a back strain caused by a Harmison-esque first ball of the season. Fit, and raring to go again, and with the potential to tear it up, Nick could be a steal with a value of 8.
Pete Rice 7 If Pete played regularly he would be a nailed on 10. A class act behind the stumps with his 'lightning hands', and a devestating batsmen if available.
Ross Cambray 7 Ross has been netting hard over the winter, and it's great to have him back. But how much will he play, and which team will he play for? He's not available until after his early season 'ultra-marathon', but if he plays this class act is guaranteed to bring runs, wickets and catches.
Oakley Young 7 A great young off spinning all-rounder who is now off to discover himself at a fine educational establishment. Expected to be available regularly once those all important exams are finished.
Joe Clare 7 Dependable, even after a late night and a dodgy kebab the night before, Joe will be picking up points all season long.
Ed Fowler 7 Ed only played one game in 2017, scoring a classy 50 for the 2nd XI. But he enjoyed it, and will relish the chance to play in the same team as his son Freddie.
Chris Peck 7 The evergreen Pecky played his cricket against Heyford last year, but has seen the light (and an opening for a steady 10 overs a week) and will add invaluable experience to the 2nd XI bowling attack.
Charles Wilkins 7 Over the worst of his injury problems, Charles could play a crucial role with the bat in either team this season.
Benny Cawley 7 A great young bowler in the 2nd XI. Benny is developing fast, is available regularly, and is excellent value at a 7.
Adam Linnell 6 Geography is the only reason for Adam's surprisinly low value this year. A move to Kent makes Saturday cricket a challenge, but will he be able to resist the occassional appaerance? When he plays, he'll score big.
Tom Akrigg 6 Pops up every now and again for a bat and a bowl in the 1st or 2nd XI.
Steve Hopkins 6 Hoppy popped up with valuable runs for the 2nd XI last season staring alongside Rhys and Shaun.
Simon Adkins 6 Ex-Badby rival, Simon only played one game for the 2nd XI last year, but showed he still has consistent line and length, and plenty to offer. If his interest in playing more games comes to fruition Simon could be a heavy points scorer.
Shaun Hopkins 6 A great bowler and batsman at junior level, hopefully he can convert that into runs and wickets in the 2nd XI this season.
Sayeed Haque 6 Club Secretary Sayeed joined the Club in 2017 and proved to be a real team man, with appearances for the 1st and 2nd XI. Quickly turning into a Club legend after a memorable tour. Sayeed is a threatening bowler and could well be amongst the 2nd XI wickets in 2018.
Raphe Young 6 A good all-rounder capable of runs and wickets in the 2nd XI as he proved last season. The new 2nd XI skipper threw him a shiny new ball to practice with at winter nets, is this a sign of things to come this season?...
Mark Fergusson 6 Tipped for something of a comeback this season, Fergy is a deft batsman that accumulates runs quickly. Loves hitting sixes over extra-cover.
Luca Delfino-Rice 6 Son of Pete shows the same aptitude with both bat and ball, scoring his first half century in 2017 and picking up catches behind the stumps. Availability is a bit of an unknown, but when he plays he's always a big points scorer.
Laurence Buck 6 A candidate for a 6 or a wicket every ball he faces, Bucker remains an unknown quantity for the Hammers with both bat and ball.
Kyle Browne 6 When he returns for the second half of the season after playing rugby overseas, Kyle could prove to be well worth the points in a late season surge.
Calum Renshaw 6 A brilliant all-rounder that unfortunately only made one appearance for Heyford last year, attendance is expected to better this season.
Ben Taylor 6 Work commitments meant that Ben slipped from his run bludgeoning best in 2017. But expects to be available more in 2018, and is a threat with both bat and ball.
Aidan Webster 6 Played some games for the 2nds last year and picked up some really valuable wickets, expect to see him more this season after some excellent performances and big wickets during winter nets.
Tom Whittaker 5 New dad Whitty might be tempted into scampering vital runs for 'best man' Beano in the 2nd XI, but might feel his attentions are better spent nurturing the future generation of Heyfordians.
Stephan Williams 5 Promises of a long season last year fell at the first appearance, good for runs and the odd wicket if he is available.
Richie Marshall 5 A season spent on the sidelines with back/neck issues meant Richie could not continue his impressive performances in 2016. Another winter of recovery, not helped by tour antics, should see Richie fit for a return, especially as his son James starts knocking on the door of adult cricket.
Max MacLeod 5 One of the most confident young cricketers in the Heyford junior set up. Wicket keeper, bowler, batsmen and pacey fielder.
Mark Stockdale 5 A handy all-rounder playing junior County cricket, Mark could prove a steal at this price depending on availability.
Julian Rice 5 Heyford CC Honorary Life Member who has plenty of hundreds for the Club in the last 30+ years. Started playing more and more games in 2017, and if he gets his chance to get his eye in will deliver some big runs.
James Ward 5 An up and coming bowler that could be good for a few wickets this year in the 2nd XI.
Graham Linnell 5 A great clubman and capable of nicking a few runs here and there when called upon. Graham is now a qualified umpire, so won't be short of time in the middle in 2018!
Freddie Fowler 5 Big things are expected of this pacey young bowler with a ponchant for scoring runs when he gets in.
Ed Rogers 5 Super Ted made one solitary appearance last year, but might be tempted to play a few more games in the 2nd XI for former 'Tower Square' ex-housemate Rob. Still a top player with bat and ball when available.
Ceri John 5 Work committments mean that the 'Welsh Wizard' spent most of his precious weekend time with his young family. But, desperately keen to play when available, and has real pedigree so could be a good gamble with a value of 5.
Andy Sharp 5 Took a year out from his duties opening the batting, expected to make a few appearances this season
Andrew Taylor 5 Ever dependable, Andy is always keen to muck in where required, gets the odd wicket and a few runs here and there.