Fantasy Cricket Rules & Ratings


Pick a team of 6 Heyford cricketers that will earn you the most points throughout the 2019 season. Teams must be selected and given to Tom Akrigg prior to the first fixture of the season (May 4th) via phone, text, e-mail, facebook or in person. My number is 07894420301, and e-mail is The cost is £5 per team entered, with a winner's prize of £50.

Team Selection

Choose 6 players with a total value not exceeding 45. The points scoring is listed below, the differences being that dropped catches will no longer lose points, and the bowling points have been increased.

Scoring points

Batting Fielding Bowling Extras
1 run 1 point Catch 10 points Wicket 15 points Appearance bonus 2 points for playing in a game
Half-century 20 bonus points (so 51 runs = 51+20=71) 3+ dismissals 15 bonus points
5-wicket haul 30 bonus points (so 5 wickets = 75+30=105) Win bonus 10 points for playing in a winning game
Century 50 bonus points (not cumulative with bonus points from half-century - so 101 runs = 101+50=151) 5+ dismissals 30 bonus points (not cumulative with 3+ dismissals)
Maiden over 6 points Bad boy penalty -10 points for any overt examples of bad discipline or bringing the game into disrepute!!
Hitting a six 6 bonus points Stumping
10 points
Jug avoidance (4 wickets) -5 point Unbelievable tekkers 10 points for the best moment by an individual player during the game
Out for a duck -10 points Run-out 10 points Hat-trick 50 bonus points 2nd team player playing for the 1sts Double points
Jug avoidance
-5 points (being dismissed between 45-49 or 90-99)
Not out
10 points (having faced at least one ball)

Heyford CC Fantasy Cricket 2018 - Player Ratings and Profiles

Player Points Team Bio
Joshua Bastin 10 2nd
An unbelievable season by all accounts saw Josh scoop the NCL All Rounder of the Year award. A stunning 932 run haul including a maiden century and 8 half centuries for both teams combined with 26 wickets, he won FC at a canter and played a huge part in the league winning season.
James Edwards

10 1st The captain finished 2nd in FC last year following Josh's heroics, still managed to score a boat load of runs and catches and even eased his way back into the wickets. Will be determined to finish top again this year.
James Baldwin 10 1st Some fantastic knocks and a career best 7fer saw Balders finish in 3rd once again last year. Will be hoping to hit the ground running having had slow starts in the last couple of seasons.
Martyn Cory
10 1st Finished 3rd in the runs table for HCC hitting two centuries, and 4th in the wickets, proving his credentials as a dangerous all-rounder. Has a monster innings in the locker.
Rhys Hopkins
9 2nd Top wicket taker for the 2nd XI once again including figures of 5-9 in one game, Rhys is proving a consistently good pick and well worth his 9 point rating.
Jacob Gilder
9 1st Languished in 6th last year despite having taken the most club wickets. Should be a steal for 9 points this season attendance permitting.
Tom Robson
9 1st Managed to once again edge his brother in the FC standings last having scored double points in the 1st XI with some measured knocks and even donning the gloves when needed.
Connor Robson
9 2nd Connor had a great season by all accounts and a couple of big early innings set up the 2nd XI for their title charge. Will be looking to make amends having finished below his brother once again...
Simon Legge
9 1st Another solid season for Leggie last season who will be looking to mix it with the young guns once again.
Rob Pardon
8 2nd The 2nd XI skipper chipped in with some wickets in the league winning effort last year, but was content with taking a back-seat role to facilitate the young talent he had at his disposal.
Ross Cambray
8 1st Ross came back with a bang scoring two centuries in some crucial games for the 2nd XI on their way to the title. Will score shed loads more in the 2nd XI this season if not appearing in the engine room for the ones.
Jordan Smith 8 2nd Finished 2nd in the wickets tally for the 2nd XI last season and played a key role in the promotion charge. Adds some useful runs in the tail as well.
Matthew Baker
8 1st The Chairman topped the fielding chart for last season despite missing a few more games than usual. Consistently scores good points.
Will Cooper-Harris 8 1st A slightly quieter season in the 1st XI for Will but remains a consistent figure in the bowling attack. Will be looking for more wickets this year.
Rory Smallbone
8 1st A comparatively more difficult season for Rory last year having had a stellar couple at the top of the runs table. Attendance was still solid despite the arrival of baby Jona.
Raphe Young
7 2nd Took some key wickets for the 2nd XI and fully deserves his 8 point value. A bright young bowler who will be an important feature this year.
Aidan Webster 7 2nd A solid season in the 2nd XI for Aidan picking up a good number of wickets and catches.
Benny Cawley
7 2nd Fully justified his 7 point rating last season having taken a good wicket haul for the 2nd XI.
Oakley Young 7 2nd A very impressive return including a maiden half century from Oakley last season given the impact of university on his availability. A safe pair of hands and a useful spin bowler that is well worth his rating.
Nick Pont
7 1st Ponty contributed with some vital wickets in the 1st XI last season despite low attendance. Could be a steal for 7 points if available for a few more games.
Ben Taylor
7 1st Availability remains strained for Northampton's busiest estate agent. Well worth his value and capable of scoring runs in either team.
Thomas Sheppard
7 1st A great addition to the 1st XI this year, Tom has chipped in on numerous occaisions with vital runs and sharp fielding.
David Baker
7 2nd High flying DB left for pastures new last year but could be drawn back by the promise of Div 8 cricket at Heyford.
Adam Linnell
6 1st Only managed 4 games which is good going given that he lives with his young family in Kent. A destructive 140* on his retun shows what he is capable of. A steal at 6 points.
Max MacLeod
6 2nd An impressive first season in FC for Max taking a few wickets and several catches for the 2nd XI.
Mark Fergusson
6 2nd A good return for Fergie last year with his increased availability boosting his runs tally. Keenly priced at 7 if he can build some form.
Freddie Fowler
6 2nd Only two appearances last year for the 2nd XI but picked up a handful of wickets in the process. Looks very cheap if availability improves.
Steve Hopkins 6 2nd Less games for Hoppy last season but easily justified a value of 6 points. Will be good for more of the same this year.
Peter Rice
6 2nd Managed a few more games last season but failed to amass a big score. Looking cheap for 6 points!
Joe Clare
6 2nd Availability was hampered last year which sees Joe valued at just 6 points. Has a knack of accumulating a good total if around.
Charles Wilkins
6 1st Over the worst of his injury problems, Charles could play a crucial role with the bat in either team this season.
Ed Rogers
6 1st Super Ted made one solitary appearance last year but still a top player with bat and ball when available.
Richard Marshall
6 2nd Richie managed a reasonable 6 games in his return from injury and ably supported the younger members of the 2nd XI at the top of the order.
Asheesh Raizada
6 2nd A late introduction to the 2nd XI last year, Ash will be keen to contribute to team efforts in Div 8 this year.
Jack Beasley
6 2nd Played only one game last season but impressed with the ball, taking 4-16. Could be a key figure in the bowling attack.
Christopher Peck
5 2nd Pecky enjoyed being back as part of a team full of young talent and picked up a hat full of wickets in the process. Rated lower than his ability due to the likely impact of a lengthy injury.
Tom Akrigg
5 2nd Eeked out a couple of games last season and will be good for a couple more in either the 2nd or 1st XI this year.
Shaun Hopkins
5 2nd Available for only 2 games last season, a great all-rounder for the 2nd XI when he is around.
Ceri John
5 2nd Another year spent largely elsewhere last season but desperately keen to play when available and has real pedigree.
Julian Rice
5 2nd Will be disappointed with his runs haul for last season despite having only made a couple of appearances. Could be a steal at this value for this esteemed batsman.
Andrew Taylor
5 2nd Ever dependable, Andy is always keen to muck in where required, gets the odd wicket and a few runs here and there.
Edward Fowler
5 2nd Only 1 outing last season once again put paid to Ed's chances of making a more meaningful contribution in the 2nd XI. A fine batsman if available.
Laurence Buck
5 2nd Bucka was surprising no show last year, although it may take him another year to get over tour. Fantastic value at this rating if he is around.
Calum Renshaw
5 1st A superb batsman that is in high demand, capable of scoring big runs when he is around.
Tom Whittaker
5 2nd Despite a season away, he is probably still the best fielder in the NCL!
Sayeedul Haque
5 2nd Only one appearance in a disappointing season, Sayeed will be hoping for better things in the coming season.
Finn Ogden
5 2nd Featured on several occaisions for the 2nd XI last year and could prove a steal at this rating.